Armored Core Y01-Tellus Painted Build

Armored Core Y01-Tellus, painted build by PinoyGunplaModeler

Base Kit:  Kotobukiya 1/72 Armored Core Y01-Tellus

Colors Used:

  • Mr. Surfacer 1000
  • Gaiacolor Pure White
  • Gaiacolor Pure Black
  • Gaiacolor Bright Silver
  • Gaiacolor bright Gold
  • Gaiacolor Gun Metal
  • Gaiacolor Clear Red
  • Gaiacolor Flat Clear

Y01-TellusDSC06253 DSC06256 DSC06258 DSC06259 DSC06260 DSC06261 DSC06262 DSC06263 DSC06264 DSC06265 DSC06266 DSC06267 DSC06268 DSC06269 DSC06270 DSC06272


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