Mechapinoy In-house Competition: “Edi sa Puso Mo” Entries

Edi sa Puso Mo (“where else, but in your heart”) is Mechapinoy’s first in-house competition for 2015. The rules are simple, build a gunpla—any scale, stock or custom—and then paint it mainly in any shade of red (that includes pink). Oh, and put a heart on the kit—either permanent or temporary. Hence, the contest title.

When: 11th IPMS-BA Baguio Invitationals, February 2-8, 2015
Where: SM Baguio Atrium, Baguio City, Benguet

DSC06580 DSC06581 DSC06582 DSC06583 DSC06584 DSC06585 DSC06586 DSC06587 DSC06588 DSC06589 DSC06590 DSC06591 DSC06592 DSC06593 DSC06594 DSC06595 DSC06596 DSC06597 DSC06598 DSC06599 DSC06600



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