11th IPMS-BA: Baguio Invitationals – Pictures – Part 2 – Armored Vehicles

11th IPMS-BA: Baguio Invitationals
February 2-8, 2015
SM Baguio Atrium, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

DSC06769 DSC06768 DSC06771 DSC06770 DSC06697 DSC06685 DSC06683 DSC06681 DSC06680 DSC06721 DSC06720 DSC06719 DSC06718 DSC06767 DSC06766 DSC06730 DSC06729 DSC06728 DSC06727 DSC06726 DSC06725 DSC06724 DSC06723 DSC06722 DSC06696 DSC06695 DSC06694 DSC06693 DSC06692 DSC06691 DSC06690 DSC06689 DSC06688



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