11th IPMS-BA: Baguio Invitationals – Pictures – Part 3 – Planes and Cars

11th IPMS-BA: Baguio Invitationals
February 2-8, 2015
SM Baguio Atrium, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

DSC06738 DSC06737 DSC06761 DSC06776 DSC06772 DSC06757 DSC06756 DSC06684 DSC06779 DSC06778 DSC06777 DSC06775 DSC06774 DSC06773 DSC06755 DSC06754 DSC06753 DSC06752 DSC06751 DSC06750 DSC06740 DSC06739 DSC06788 DSC06789 DSC06790 DSC06791 DSC06792 DSC06793 DSC06794 DSC06795 DSC06796 DSC06797 DSC06798



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