Decisions… Decisions, Getting Your First Gunpla

So you want to try out building Gunpla, see if you’d enjoy it, and (maybe) eventually start your own collection. Now, you’re trying to decide with which kit to start. Given that Gunpla has been around for more than 30 years now, there are literally thousands of options. Here are a few tips or what to consider that may help you on finding your first Gunpla kit.

  • Are you really into it? That’s should be the first question you ask yourself. Are you really interested in the hobby or a friend just pushed you to try it out? If you’re into toys, statues, action figures, anime, manga… Gunpla should be interesting to you, and you should start with the latest kits. If you’re just peeking to get into a new hobby, start with simple kits so as not to get you intimidated.
  • What’s your favorite Gundam anime? If you don’t have one, pick one. Most starting collectors—may it be model kits, toys, statues, etc.—lose interest quickly because they fail to have a connection with their collection in the long run. Starting with your favorite Gundam anime’s Gunpla line allows you to create that connection. If you have seen the mobile suit in action, you get more enjoyment in building the kit. You will know its character and that increases your eagerness to finish the build. If you haven’t watched a single Gundam anime, you may want to switch to another interests.
  • Are you a novice or experienced modeler? If you have been building model kits (aircraft, ships, tanks, mecha) for a while now, you might want to start with the more complex Gunpla grades (RG, MG, PG) to make it worth your while. Gotten used to plastic cement? Gunplas should be  a cinch because you don’t need it. If you have never built a kit before, it’s not that difficult since everything is snap-fit. You may want to start with HGs (1/144 or 1/100 scale) or, if you’re into cutie figures, SDs.
  • Do not let others decide for you. Down to two kits? Just flip a coin, do an eenie meenie miini moh, or better yet, buy them both. Other people’s opinions practically don’t matter. These are probably your best options, anyway, and any choice you make would be the right one. So, get the kit and start having fun.

I did not include Gunpla price as a consideration. This hobby WILL require some monetary investment. If you are unprepared to dish out a little bit of dough, maybe this is not for you. Try out papercraft or origami, instead.


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