Gunpla Newbie Guide: Construction Manual Icons, What Do They Mean?

If you have built at least one Gunpla, you will recognize these icons as they are all over the construction manual. Non-Japanese-speaking (or –reading for that matter) folks like me, could only try and decipher these icons. Although Bandai’s construction manuals are easy to follow—even without any reading involved—it is still useful to know what these icons stand for.

Apply Glue


Bandai’s early Gunpla kits require the use of plastic cement or glue. Although today’s kits are snap-built, you may still see this icon in a few construction manuals.

Apply Sticker

StickerNumberThis icon comes with a Japanese symbol that identifies which sticker to use. Unless you will be painting your kit, it is recommended that you apply stickers as you go on assembling your kit.

Apply Decal

DecalLetterMore complicated kits—such as MGs and PGs—come with dry transfer and/or waterslide decals. This icon indicates that you may apply these decals during the construction of a part/section.

Attach Part to Opposite Side

AttachToOppositeSideSome parts are intended to be placed on a specific side of an assembly. This icon indicates that the specified part should be attached to the opposite side of the part related to it.

Attach Identical Parts to Each Side

IdenticalPartWhen you see this icon, attach two pieces of the same part to each side of a section.

Do Not Over-Tighten Screw


Some Gunpla kits—usually PGs—require screws. This icon warns you not to over-tighten the screw as doing so can crack the plastic and damage the part.

Also Move the Other Side


RG frames oftentimes require loosening or moving a part into position. This icon tells you to also move the opposite side of a part/section.

Cut Off


Some parts may have nubs or stumps that should be removed. Remember to only cut parts that are indicated by this icon. Otherwise, stick with cutting parts from the runner gates.

Assemble First


Construction manuals provide step-by-step instructions that should be strictly followed. Complete any section that is accompanied by this icon first before you proceed to any other assembly.

Assemble Later


This icon is the opposite of the above icon. This indicates that the section should be assembled after one or a series of assemblies have been completed.

Multiple Assembly


You can usually see this icon when assembling multiple parts/sections such as arms, legs, funnels, wings, etc. The value indicates the number of parts/sections you must complete.



This icon simply tells you to rotate a part to a specific direction as well as how many degrees it should be rotated.

Mind the Orientation

PayAttentionSome parts are a bit tricky to position so you have to pay attention to its orientation when attaching.

Alternative Parts


Some kits include alternative parts. Choose the part that you prefer and attach it. This usually solves the mystery of additional parts that are left over from your kit.