Barnaby Brooks Jr. Becomes a Trendy Stormtrooper – Conversion Build by Acoy Delgado

It’s one thing to build a model kit and do some bad ass customisations. But, it’s another when you create an entirely unique character from a totally different kit. Such are the skills of premiere modeler, Acoy Delgado. One of his latest projects, a Galactic Empire Stormtrooper crafted from Bandai’s 1/8 MG Figure Rise Barnaby Brooks, Jr. kit. See the progression of the build below.


You’d think that the concept is simple until you look into the obvious details of this build: the red Chucks, double-striped sleeves, mace from a 1/100 Kampfer,  backpack-mounted Gundam rifle, even the Kanji gives the figure much character.

Modeler: Acoy Delgado

Painting Notes: Airbrushed and hand painted with Pylox and Vallejo paints; Washed with MIG products.

Modeling Notes: Modifications  using sculpted AquaStop clayputty, Gundam parts, and plastic plates.