Make a Reusable Drying Tray for Your Painting Sticks

Paint takes time to dry and you do not want anything touching your paint job. That is why we use alligator clips attached to barbecue sticks to hold the plamo as we paint—either by brush or spray. To keep it untouched, you stick it in a piece of Styrofoam to keep it suspended while waiting for it to dry. There is just one problem when using Styrofoam—you can easily run our of space into which you can pierce your sticks. That makes it less reusable.

Browsing around the Internet, I found a better alternative made out of bundled corrugated cardboard strips. The corrugation on the cardboard provides you with holes where you can insert your painting sticks.


This cardboard block worked very well, but I thought it can be better. I tweaked it a little and came up with something that is more durable.

Here is What I Came Up With

I brought this tray from a department store. You can probably find a similar item from a school and office supply store. You can also use an old shoe box. I preferred this tray because it is metal and will hold the cardboard strips together tightly. Plus, the weight provides stability that prevents it from toppling over.


Next, measure the dimensions of the tray and cut strips of corrugated cardboard that will fit into the tray. You do not have to buy these corrugated boards. If you have carton boxes just lying around, use those. Recycle.


Pile up the cardboard strips in the tray with the holes facing upward. Fit as much cardboard strips as you can. The advantage of using a tray or box, as opposed to binding the cardboard strips with packaging or duct tape, is that it can hold the cardboard strips very tightly.


Here is what you will end up with. If ever any of the cardboard strips deteriorates or becomes damaged for whatever reason, you can just pull them out and replace them. You do not need to make another cardboard block.


I am still using the first ones I made and I have been using them for more than a year now.